2015.01 : Patent registration “Snowmaking system c/w drainer for residual water”
2014.11 : SMS-Drainer demonstration at Phoenix Park, Dragon Valley and Vivaldi Park ski resort
2013.11~2014.07 : Accomplishment governmental R&D support project “improvement of product & process”
2013.08 : Capital increase: 100Million Korean Won
2013.05 : Patent registration “Free-freezing module of SMS”
2012.11 : Established and turnover private company Delta E&C company to Delta E&C Co., Ltd
1998.10~2001.10 : Snowmaking plant engineering consultation for GS Gangchon Ski Resort
1995.04~1997.10 : Ski resort development project consultation for Hansol Oak Valley Ski Resort
1995.12~1996.12 : Business Feasibility study for LG Gonjiam Ski Resort
1994.10~1995.09 : Master consulting plan for Nasan Pocheon Ski Resort
1993.06~1995.12 : Snowmaking Plant Engineering – Bokwang Phoenix Park Ski Resort Turnkey Project


  • LG Kangcheon Ski Resort Korea, Snowmaking System Construction Consulting
  • LG Gonjiam Ski Resort Korea, Feasibility Study & Master Consulting Planning
  • Nasan Pocheon Ski Resort Master Consulting Planning
  • Muju Ski Resort Korea, Winter U-Games Site Snowmaking System Consulting
  • Hansol Oak Valley Korea, Snowmaking System Construction Consulting
  • Hyundai Sungwoo Ski Resort Korea, Snowmaking System Construction Consulting
  • Phoenix Park Ski Area, Korea - Snowmaking Plant Eng'ing & Construction
  • Delta Engineering Korea Branch (Sno-Consulting Co.) established


Test Certification of SMS-Drainer KTC