The company leading the ski industry!

Delta E&C, which offers an integrated solution for the ski industry,

3 major services:

  • Resort development consultation and master planning service!
  • Snow making system plant engineering!
  • Snow making equipment manufacturing!

In snowmaking plant engineering, Delta E&C has been performing high-efficiency snowmaking system engineering, turn-key system establishment, test operation and operator training based on more than 30 years of ski industry experience and the high-pressured, fully automatic controlled snowmaking system has greater efficiency which achieves construction cost reduction by removing unnecessary auxiliary equipment. The system is also capable of producing high quality powder snow even at high temperatures which allow early opening of the ski resort compared to competitors boasting its technology integrated features that achieve competitive superiority.

The R&D Group of Delta E&C concentrates its efforts in producing better quality artificial snow and convenient equipments under the principle of “thinking about man first” and Delta E&C promises to contribute in the advancement of the ski industry as well as in the improvement of the quality of life of man.